Here you will find posted result sheets that have been provided by Tournament Managers.  If you need information that is not posted here, please contact the tournament manager for your location.

Girls Basketball   Boys Basketball   Wrestling Bowling
 DI Lake  DI University of Toledo – 1   District Results DI Boys District – Team
 DI Genoa  DI University of Toledo -2 DI Boys District – Individual
Division 1 – District DI Girls District – Team
 DII Paulding HS  DII Ohio Northern Univ (Ada) Perrysburg DI Girls District – Individual
 DII Anthony Wayne HS  DII Mansfield DI Girls Individual – Century Lanes
 DII Galion HS Division 2 – District DI Girls Team -Century Lanes
 DIII Norwalk HS Norwalk DI Girls Individual-Star Lanes
 DIII Shelby HS  DIII Anthony Wayne (Toledo) DI Boys Individual – 20th Century Lanes
 DIII Lake HS (Millbury)  DIII Lima Senior HS Division 3 – District DI Boys Team- 20th Century Lanes
 DIII Elida HS Defiance DII Boys Individual- Star Lanes
 DIV Willard HS DII Boys Team- Star Lanes
 DIV Archbold HS  DIV Napolean HS DII Boys Team – Community Lanes
 DIV Ottawa-Glandorf HS  DIV Elida HS   DII Boys Individual – Community Lanes
 DIV Fostoria HS  DIV Findlay DII Dist Boys Ind Results – Interstate Lanes
 DIV Liberty-Benson HS  DIV Fostoria DII Dist Boys Team Results – Interstate Lanes
 DIV Willard HS  DIV Wapakoneta DII Girls Team – Community Lanes
 DIV Wapakoneta HS DII Girls Individual – Community Lanes
DII Girls Team – River City Bowl-A-Way
DII Girls Individual – River City Bowl-A-Way
DII Girls Team – Star Lanes
DII Girls Individual - Star Lanes
DII District Girls Team – Interstate Lanes
DII District Girls Individual – Interstate Lanes