Here you will find posted information sheets that have been provided by Tournament Managers.  If you need information that is not posted here, please contact the tournament manager for your location.

Boys Soccer Girls Soccer – Fall 17 Girls Tennis     Volleyball
 DI State Bracket  DI State Bracket  DI Findlay Sect 1 – Singles  DI State Bracket
 DI Findlay  DI Springfield Middle School  DI Findlay Sect 1 – Doubles  DI Millbury Lake
 DI Sylvania
 DI Sylvania Northview  
 DI Findlay Sect 2 – Singles  DI Napolean
 DII State  Bracket  DI Findlay Sect 2 – Doubles  DII State Bracket
 DII Lexington HS  DI Fremont Sect 1 – Singles  DII Findlay
DII State Bracket  DII Elida Middle School
 DI Fremont Sect 1 – Doubles  DII Bluffton
DII Clyde
 DII Lake HS  DI Fremont Sect 2 – Singles
 DII Seneca East
DII Lake (Millbury)  DIII State Bracket
 DI Fremont Sect 2 – Doubles  DIII State Bracket
DII Elida  DIII Genoa HS
 DIII Perrysburg
 DIII Ottoville HS
 DIII Kalida
DIII State Bracket  DIII Findlay HS  DII Definance - Singles  DIII Seneca East
DIII Rossford     DII Definance – Doubles  DIV State Bracket
DIII Kalida  Boys & Girls Golf  DII Clyde – Singles
 DIV Defiance
DIII Tiffin (Columbian)
 DII Clyde – Doubles
 DIV Fostoria
 DII UNOH – Singles
 DIV Ottawa-Glandorf
   DII UNOH – Doubles
 DIV Van Wert
Boys & Girls Cross Country
 DII Shelby – Singles  DIV Willard
District: Findlay Owens  DII Shelby- Doubles
District: Galion  VB Dates:
District: Ottawa    DI -
 DI District Singles-FINAL
 DII -
 DI District Doubles-FINAL  DIII -
   DII District Singles-FINAL
 DIV -
Dist. Tournament: Galion  DII District Doubles-FINAL
Dist. Tournament: Napoleon
Dist. Tournament: Oregon  
Dist. Tournament: Ottawa